iCn3D: web-based 3D structure viewer
  iCn3D ("I see in 3D") is a WebGL-based viewer for interactive viewing of three-dimensional macromolecular structures and chemicals on the web, without the need to install a separate application. It can be accessed from the "molecular graphic" that appears on the structure summary page for any record in the Molecular Modeling Database (MMDB).

As an example, open the MMDB summary page for 1TUP, then press the "3D view" button in the lower left hand corner of the molecular graphic to load a basic version of iCn3D into the page. Alternatively, press the "full-featured 3D viewer" button in the lower right hand corner of the molecular graphic to open the advanced (full feature) version of iCn3D in a separate window. You can also access the advanced version directly at http://foodzines.com/Structure/icn3d/full.html, where you can use the "File" menu to retrieve a structure by its ID or to open a structure file on your local computer.

iCn3D 2.18 is now available, and the NCBI 3D macromolecular news page describes some of the new features.
Additional enhancements are described in the change log section of the Web API help document. A gallery with live examples demonstrates a variety of ways in which iCn3D can be used to view and analyze structures, and now includes customized views of SARS-COV-2 structures. (You can also retrieve structures that contain the term "SARS-COV-2" from the Molecular Modeling Database (MMDB), open the summary page for any structure of interest, and click the "full-featured 3D viewer" button in the molecular graphic to load the structure into iCn3D and customize the view as desired.)

iCn3D enables you, for example, to:
  There is no need to install a separate application in order to use iCn3D; you just need to use a web browser that supports . If your browser doesn't support WebGL, you might need to modify the settings in the browser to enable WebGL, or update your web browser to a newer version that supports WebGL. (See the site for more information about compatibility with various web browsers.)  
  The source code for iCn3D is available from GitHub for those who would like to run the program locally, and for those who would like to customize iCn3D and/or contribute code:
  • The complete distribution copy of iCn3D can be obtained for use on your local computer from: http://foodzines.com/Structure/icn3d/icn3d-0.9.6-dev.zip. That file includes the code written by NCBI as well as the corresponding third party JavaScript libraries such as jQuery and Three.js.

  • The development version of iCn3D is available for developers who want to customize and/or contribute code to the iCn3D program. Click on the "Download ZIP" button in the upper right corner of the page to download that version, which includes only the code written at NCBI but not the corresponding third party javascript libraries like jQuery or Three.js.
  Additional information about iCn3D is available on the following pages:
Revised 23 July 2020